Hazardous Area Computers And Monitors

Survivor - Ruffneck

The ATEX Zone 1, explosion proof survivor  - ruffneck is a ruggedized, sunlight - readable computer based on a single board computer with an intel Pentium M 1.6GHz processor. (shown with optional yoke.)



The HAZLOC - approved wolverine features a 15" sunlight - readable display, a single board computer with an intel pentium M 1.6GHz processor and a NEMA 4 environmentally sealed enclosure with corrosion resistance.

Surviver - WildCat

The Survivor - wildcat 15" sunlight-readable computer is HAZLOC approved and ruggedized for use in virtually any environment. It sports a NEMA 4  environmentally sealed aluminium fabricated enclosure with corrosion resistance.

Panel C

The panel C features a bright 15" XGA color AMTFT LCD, and is powered by a pentium III 1 GHz processor with up to 512M RAM .Built - in numeric keypad, side keys (pc control and CNC), and function keys  (Fx and Alpha) provide human- machine interface.

Intelligence   IPC

Intelligence IPC features choice of 12" or 15" AMTFT display, up to 1.4 GHz PIII processor, 512M RAM and meets CE, UL1604, NEMA4 ,IP65, class I division 2 certifications.