Demonstration of capabilities

Pipeline SCADA Projects along with field instrumentation for more than 300 KM Gas pipelines in the state of Gujarat.
DCS for terminal Automation of petrochemical plants - more than 10,000  I/O's cumulative.
DCS for tandem Annealing and Decarburising line of a steel plant - 1800 I/O's.
PLC with SCADA for Galvanising line, Furnace and Jet Coating line of a steel plant - 1400 I/O's.
PLC & Thyristorised Controllers based system for bogie hearth Furnace in a steel plant.
DCS having redundancy at CPU, Power supply, communication levels for walking hearth furnace in a steel plant.
Digital DC  Drives - 450 Amp. with accessories for extruders in rubber industry.
Variable Frequency Drive (AC drives) - 100 Amp for calendar application in tyre industry.
AC Drive Control System comprising of 23 nos.. AC drives for Centrifuge and mixers in a pharmaceutical plant, a 100% EOU, drives communication on MODBUS with central DCS.
AC Drive Control System comprising of 18 nos. drives for Agitators and Reactors for an adhesives & Emulsions - chemical plant, 100% EOU.
  AC drive - 100 HP for combustion Air Blowers in steel plant.
Position Indicating Systems using Absolute Encoders for movement of stock rod of Blast Furnace in an integrated steel plant.
Complete Automation system with AC Drives in synchronisation, PLC, HMI for sizing and warping machines in textile and jute industry.
Complete Automation system with AC drives, PLC, SCADA, Thyristorised Heater Controllers for a grease manufacturing plant.
Drive control system employing 54 drives in synchronisation for a galvanising line in a steel plant.
MCC panels with drives & soft starters.
Indigenously developed remote telemetry units for light house Automation - 120 Nos.