First of a Kind



DATSON has developed Remote Telemetry Units using advanced high-speed micro-controller. A typical base RTU has 8 Analog Inputs,
16 Digital Inputs, 16 Digital Outputs and which is expandable. Each RTU has 2 communication ports RS232 and RS485 for multi-dropping. 32 such RTUs can be connected on network. RTUs communicate with SCADA on MODBUS ASCII protocol. Also these RTUs have rack type configuration which facilitates removal addition of I/O cards. One of the typical applications where these RTUs are presently used is Light House Automation. There is a Master-Slave configuration at each location. Master at RTU is connected to SCADA through transparent RS232 microwave link. Typically SCADA workstation is located at a distance of 50 KM from RTU. The data is transmitted through VHF transmitter to PC. Master maintains 72 hours data history in the NVRAM. This data is transmitted to PC on request from SCADA. Master also communicates with Slave and  maintains slave data. Master takes control action based on Real Time Clock. Slave functions as power manager. All power interlocks and DG Parameters are monitored. All the set points are set through HHT or PC via remote operation. Thus a lot of manual work is eliminated. This has proven very useful since these Lighthouses are unmanned And especially during monsoon it is very difficult to reach these Islands.

Integration with Siemens Teleperm System using SYNO Gate 300 IP Gateway. 

Two additional work stations were installed, configured and programmed on an existing Siemens Teleperm System in a large power plant. SYNOgate 300 IP gateway made this integration possible with the CS275 process bus. The benefits to the user due to this open system are  :

  • Communication between the gateway and the user via TCP/IP. 

  • Easy development of new applications. 

  • Archiving of process data on relational databases such as Ingres, RDB, Oracle and data analysis using tools such as Uniface. 

  • Display and graphical representation using standard tools of process data or manufacturing process. 

  • The host computer can manage the process and request process data for quality control. 

  • Functions relating to the operational security of the system are available from the host.